Lighting Equipment

When it comes to illuminating your event, the INTENSE crew has definitely seen the light. We can design rigs for events large and small, from elegant mood lighting at cocktail parties to full theatrical events.

Lighting services:

  • Mood lighting
  • Controlled lighting
  • Effect lighting
  • Expo lighting
  • Theatre lighting
  • Theme lighting
  • Coloured lighting with gobos (partial screens used in front of a spotlight to project a shape)
  • Landscape lighting including up-lighting trees and walkways

Lighting equipment available for events or hire:

  • Par 16s, Par 38s, Par 56s, Par 64s
  • Theatre lights – PC, fresnel and pacific – including dimmer packs
  • Lighting desks
  • Computer controlled lighting desks
  • LED lights
  • Gobos
  • Follow spots
  • Fairy lights
  • Bud lights
  • Moving lights

We also offer heavy power distribution services so the lights don't go out.